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Massage Services


Swedish Relaxation Massage
This session is focused on relaxation.  There is a continuous flow and the pressure ranges from light to medium always keeping your comfort in mind.   Oils and lotions are used to nourish the skin and allow the strokes to glide over the skin with minimal friction.  If relaxation and stress relief is your goal, this is the massage for you.
30 minutes          60 minutes          90 minutes
$50                        $85                         $110


Deep Tissue / Sports Massage
This session is focused on achieving a correction in the alignment of the soft tissues that are deeper in your muscular system and releasing the tension that can be a result of injury or repetitive use strain.   The pressure is greater than in a relaxation massage, yet your comfort level is always taken into account.  “Deep pressure” is subjective and communication about your comfort is encouraged.  It is not unusual, if you have not received body work regularly, to experience “next day” soreness similar to an intense work out at the gym.  A profession grade cooling gel will be applied to the focus area of the treatment.  Additionally, I provide suggested stretch and/or exercises to maximize the retention of the positive effects of the massage.  
30 minutes          60 minutes          90 minutes

   $60                      $110                           $130


Hot Stone Massage
Heated stones are used as the tool for this massage.  The warmed stones soften the muscle tissue allowing for an extremely effective and relaxing massage.  Varying pressure can be used to accommodate the client’s goal for the massage.  Hot stone massage is not recommended for those who have a sensitivity to heat or on medication to lower blood pressure. 
60 minutes          90 minutes
$100                          $125


Massage Cupping
Cupping is an ancient form of body work and has been adapted to suit a more modern-day massage client.  Massage cups are used in adjunct with other massage techniques to achieve the client’s goals for the session.   Massage cupping uses suction to lift toxins and release adhesions caused by injury or repetitive use pain.  The cups are moved slowly over the problem areas.  Oil or lotion is used to help the tool glide over the skin.  Massage cupping increases blood flow and improves your range of motion and the pliability of the soft tissue.  Cupping does leave some temporary marks on the surface of the skin.  These marks are a result of the waste products being pulled to the surface of the skin and will fade within a few days.  
30 minutes          60 minutes          90 minutes
      $60                        $110                         $130    


There is ancient Eastern science that documents that specific points in the foot, hand and ear reflect the wellness state of our internal organs.  During this session you remain clothed and the work is solely on the feet, hand and ears.   By using focused pressure on each point, improvement can be made on the inner wellness.   
30 minutes          60 minutes
$60                          $90

Prenatal Massage

This session is customized to the specific needs of the expectant mother.   You are able to rest comfortably face down on special maternity pads.   While face up, the table will be inclined to eliminate laying flat on your back.   Oils and lotions are used to nourish the skin and allow the strokes to glide over the skin with minimal friction.   If you are in need of  stress relief and the reduction of the strain of the body changes that come with pregnancy, this is the massage for you.   

60 minutes     90 minutes 
$110                      $130

CBD Massage

Add CBD/CBG soothing massage oil to ANY massage 

$10 Add-On

Body Wrap


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