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Performed by Cora Donahue, APRN, NP


Botox is a safe and affordable way to reduce fine lines and bring out your inner beauty. Appointments run approximately 30 minutes with no down time after. Your results may take up to a week to fully realize and will last approximately three months. 

Price: $13/ unit. A full quote can be determined during consultation

Vitamin Injectables

Vitamin injectables are customized to meet your wellness goals. Products include: B12, B Complex, MIC (fat burner) and Lipo-Mino (a combination of MIC, B12, and B Complex). Each injectable has a range of benefits including increased energy, mood elevation, sleep enhancement, weight loss, and immunity support. Your provider will review the best options based on your goals and medical history.


Individual ........... $20 

Series of 4 ......... $70   

Series of 8 ......... $150 


Individual ...............  $35

Series of  4 ............  $125

Series of 8  ............  $200

Vitamin Infusions

Vitamin infusions are IV solutions to provide hydration and vitamins to support your health and wellness goals. Appointments are 1-hour where you will sit comfortably with an IV while your body is refreshed with nutrients and natural hydration. Infusions can be used for hangover recovery, immunity support, increased energy and sports performance enhancement. The most popular infusion is the Myers Cocktail providing a variety of documented results. 

Myers Cocktail ........... $230
Tri-Immunity .............. $200
Reboot Hydration ...... $125

Your Best Body

Your Best Body is a comprehensive approach to weight loss that goes beyond the scale. Your provider will also be your coach throughout this journey offering individualized nutrition and clean eating plans, Vitamin Injectables, customized workouts, weekly measurements, and continuous support. The goal is not to drop weight quickly, it is to make a change in your lifestyle that will offer your best body throughout your entire life. Weight loss is not just about appearance, our goal is to assist you in enjoying an overall healthy lifestyle to ultimately combat disease due to obesity. 

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