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Balayage and Color Corrective services feature numerous variables based on each individual client including but not limited to: Hair Density, Hair Length, End Goal, Pre-Existing Color, and Natural Hair Color. Due to these variables, we ask that you book a free consultation before booking any such service, so that we may evaluate your hair and ensure your stylist has enough time on the day of your appointment to reach whichever goal you discuss. The nature of balayage or corrective colors often require one very long, or several shorter appointments to reach most goals. Please book "Consultation",  and bring any pictures you have with you to your appointment. These steps ensure that every guest can reach their goals while maintaining the integrity of their hair, and prevents our stylists from rushing through an appointment due to lack of time. 

If it is an urgent matter, you may call the salon at 603-343-5241 for an over-the-phone consult, following which we will be able to assist you in booking your hair service. 


We thank you for choosing Hair Daze and look forward to seeing you.


Hair Daze Team

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